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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Too Faced Natural Flirt Makeup Collection

OK, So I would like to apologize ahead of time and say that, I AM SO SORRY that I am unable to give you images and photo's of my own. I would love nothing more then to show you my actual products and be able to show you some swatches, but as of right now my laptop is being a major pain in my ass. It will not read any of my drives for some reason. It won't even read my Ipod :' ( !!!! But until I am able to figure out what is wrong with the POS, I would still love nothing more then to be able to review products with you. So, I promise to do my best working with what I do and do not have.

I received the Too Faced Natural Flirt Collection about a week ago now, and I kind of have mixed feelings about it.
So, that is what it looks like. What is included in the kit is:
  • The Makeup Bag
  • Glamour Volumizing Lip Gloss in the Shade This Is Pretty!
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight
  • A Petite Pouf /Brush
  • LashGasm Mascara in black
  • Peach Leopard Bronzer
  • Exotic Color Eyeshadow( I do not know if the kits are different, but mine came with the color Magic Mushroom)
I was super excited to receive this collection because mostly I love Too Faced products, but I had not really bought any recently. First, the bag is super cute and a little bigger then I expected. It is still small enough to fit into your handbag though, if it is a pretty good sized handbag. It definitely would not fit into one that is on the smaller side. I was under the impression that the bag would be completely in satin, but it is not. The inside and black, lacy parts are satin while the outside has a plastic coating on it. I actually found this a relief so it would not get as dirty and be easier to clean.

The lip gloss I mean it's not bad by any means . By looking at it, I thought it would be a little more pigmented then it is, but it comes out pretty much clear. It is definitely not my favorite lip gloss and I probably will not use it very much. It does not do much for volumizing either.

The Shadow Insurance I do like very much, only if I was to buy it again, it would not be in Candlelight. I personally prefer a more clear, milky colored primer and this one is pretty much a bright gold. I happen to love gold, but it is not always the look I am going for and it just seems hard to cover up to me. Now, I know there is a lot of debate between the Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Hmmm... I see a new Debate post and Review in the near future.

The Petite Pouf is super adorable! It is very small though and would probably only really be useful for your purse and on-the-go touch ups. I love that you can push it back down into its little slot so the hairs do not get ruined while storing.

The LashGasm Mascara I like very much. Of course the kit only gives you a deluxe sized sample of it, as with the Shadow Insurance. It is a 3.9 ml. tube. I love the brush bristles and they are able to reach those hard to get to lashes, and it definitely does not clump!

The Peach Leopard Bronzer seems to be what most people love about the collection, but I do not love it...yet. But, I have only used it once since I have gotten it, so there is not really much I can say about it yet other then the colors are nice.

Lastly, the Exotic Color Eyeshadow in Magic Mushroom. It is a very nice color. It seems to be very pigmented and very shimmery. Personally, I do not really use too much pinks in my makeup style, so although the color is very nice I do not really see myself using this as an eyeshadow. I will probably get more use out of it as a brightener.

All in all, I am happy with the purchase and got some great products out of it that I love. I would recommend this collection if you are a Too Faced fan.

There are my personal thoughts on the kit and of course I would love to know your opinions on it as well. Feel free to comment with any questions!


Urban Decay Book of Shadows vs.  Urban Decay Naked Palettes

I want to hear your honest opinions guys! I know these are well known palettes. I currently have the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV and both of the Naked palettes.

 Soon, I will give my personal review of both although I do not feel I am qualified in the debate because I do not own any of the other Book of Shadows. Comment with your debates and stay tuned for the reviews!

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Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

So OK, I may be a little late on this bandwagon, but hey better late then never right? After many good reviews, I finally decided to order this product, and received it a few days ago. God, what the hell have I been missing? This stuff is great!

For those who do not know what this is, it kinda works like a primer, but for after you apply your makeup. It is designed to keep your makeup looking fresh and just applied for 16 hours! Now, my primer always worked pretty well for me on it's own, but 16 hours later I would have to admit you could still find me in the bathroom touching up my makeup. Not with this stuff! After a long stressful day at work and running around with my two kids, at the end of the night my makeup still looks freshly applied!

My only cons about this product is I would spray it on BEFORE mascara. Also, it tends to leave you with a dewy kind of look and that works for some but I personally do not like it. So, most of the time after it dries, I will go back over it with a finishing powder.

If you haven't tried this product already and are thinking about it, give it a go. I doubt you will regret it!

Urban Decay does not test on animals.

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