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Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Holy Grail Nail Polishes

I literally have thousands of nail polishes (see image). So, when I find one that makes me light up from the inside and has me singing hallelujah A Capella, it's a great day. Ok, I am exaggerating but only a little. It's rare for me to find a nail polish that I feel lost without. That's why there's only a few to mention. And what makes them so dear to my heart is not only their   beautiful color, but their strength and and lasting quality as well. None of us want a nail polish that chips after a days wear. 

So, let's get to it! I want to show you some of my favorites and why they are my holy grails. 

Essie's Mint Candy Apple(sorry for my messy bottle)

  First up is Essie's Mint Candy Apple. I own a ton of Essie nail polishes and have about 4 or 5 in this same color range. There's no other nail polish out there that has gotten me more compliments than this one when I wear it. It is honestly the perfect mint green and completely perfect for spring 

 But really I get complimented on it whenever I wear it no matter what season we are in. 

Red Nail Polish

  Whenever I can't decide on what color I want my nails to be, I always resort to red nail polish. Why? Because nothing is more feminine, chic, and classic than badass red nail polish.

Loreal Devil Wears Red
 What a truly deep and amazing color. It's shiny and I have yet to find a Loreal nail polish that doesn't chip on me. It is a bit of a darker red though, so I like to save it for the cooler fall and winter months. 

Nicole by OPI Please Red-Cycle
  There are many different shades of red especially when it comes to the nail polish world and when I'm looking to wear/purchase a red nail polish my taste is usually a more fiery red, especially in the summer months. Nicole hit it right on the spot with this one. But NYC's Times Square is an almost and very affordable dupe. 

NYC Times Square
  The above sentence says it all! And that bottle is probably the 4th one I have purchased. Please, New York Color, never discontinue!

OPI Cajun Shrimp
  This is my most recent purchase and favorite nail polish. I loved it the second I seen it on the shelf. It's the perfect red with fiery orange undertones and also the color I'm wearing on my fingers right now. Day 4 and not a single chip!

OPI Hot & Spicy

  The perfect summer color to me is one that is bright, almost neon, yet beautiful and classic. Hot & Spicy is my go to color when I need something peachy... Wait coral! This nail polish is all of the above. That's why I love it. 

Loreal Sexy in Sequins

  I have to be in a very glitzy an glamorous mood to want to wear a glitter nail polish. Mainly because glitter nail polish is so hard to get off! But when I need a glitter nail polish for a night on the town, I resort to this one. It's the perfect shade of purple and they didn't skimp on the glitter! My biggest pet peeve is when a glitter nail polish looks beautiful in the bottle but a clear mess with tiny bits of glitter on your nail. So, thank you Loreal. 

Loreal Owl's Night

  This was a limited edition color from Loreal a few years ago so I apologize to anyone that likes it and is unable to find it. It has been a favorite nail polish of mine for many years so I would feel weird not mentioning it. Oh, how to describe this perfect color. It's brown yet gold. From far away my fingers look bronze but up close and in the light, they shine gold like a halo. Yeah, that's it a halo. This nail polish is an angel. I rarely wear it though, because when it runs out, Loreal is not prepared for the uncontrollable begging that will follow. 

Covergirl Stay Brilliant Coral Silk
 Orange has been a big hit this year with style and makeup. I have done so much experimenting with orange this year, I may as well become an Oompa Loompa. Kidding. I stocked up on a lot of orangey nail polishes though and this is by far my favorite. Beautiful, shiny, neon, and bright. Even though Covergirl polishes never seem to last long for me, they are true to their name. Stay Brilliant!

Maybelline's Color Show Street Art Collection.  Pictured: Blue Beats

  I seem to have left my days of wacky nail polishes and crazy designs behind in my younger years. But we all feel a little funky sometimes. Maybelline's Street Art collection is brilliant and happens to be what I'm wearing on my piggies at this exact moment. They come in many paint splatter colors, but Blue Beats just happens to be my favorite. Please remember to wear a darker color underneath or the polish won't show up as well. Pictured above is Essie's Licorice and is what I used. 

  That's it for now on my favorite nail polishes. I am sure I will find many more a long the way. I would love to know what some of your favorites are or any that you would recommend for me. Comment below and as always thank you for reading my post!

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