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Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Makeup!

Hey Beauties! Fall is definitely in the air!
This is the first morning that I have gotten up and walked outside and actually really smelled the fall leaves. I love it! Fall is my favorite season. And my favorite holiday is Halloween! I love everything about Halloween. Decorating, costumes, candy, trick or treating, Halloween parties, and of course...Halloween makeup! I have been seeing some really cool faces floating around the internet on YouTube and Facebook etc... It's really giving me the itch to play around on some costume ideas. Looks like a trip to my local Halloween store coming soon. Here's a few I want to try out!
First and foremost is Nicole Guirerro's beautiful take on the queen of hearts. From the second I saw this, I just knew I had to try it! Luckily for me, she made a whole tutorial on it! Check it out here.

Another fantastic one from Nicole Guirerro! Did I mention that she is my favorite Youtube Beauty Guru? Well now you know. Killer Clown Couple. I haven't seen the video tutorial yet as it was just recently uploaded but I'll post a link here and we can all watch it together!

I am loving this! It's so intense with minimal color. After I'm done with the Queen of Hearts, this one is up next!

I like this one because it's intense, but simple! Great for when you need to get ready quick!

Sugar Skulls and skeletons have become pretty overrated the past couple of years, but these that I found are so amazing, I just can't pass up trying them. 


Of course, Halloween would not be complete without a creepy clown. 

One last one. Everyone can all agree that dolls can very much be creepy. Annabelle anyone? How about a ventriloquist? This take on one is absloutley stunning though!

Again, a trip to the Halloween store is coming soon. I cannot wait to try out some of these and show them to you. Happy Halloween beauties and show me some love in the comments. Even better, I want to see YOUR Halloween Makeup!!


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