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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bh Cosmetics 120 Color Palette 2nd Edition Review

    Bh Cosmetics 120 Color palette 2nd edition

  So, I have had this palette for quite some time now and decided to do a review for a couple reasons. Number one being it's an awesome palette! Number two reason being that I have been on the fence for quite a while now about purchasing the Urban Decay Electric palette. 

  Urban Decay Electric Palette  

  We all know how much I love Urban Decay. And if you don't... I LOVE URBAN DECAY... Ok anyways... I own a few palettes by Urban Decay and pretty much use the Naked and the Naked 2(I do not yet have the Naked 3) everyday. Here comes the BUT. BUT, a part of me cannot justify spending $49 on palette with only 10 very bright colors that I probably would not use everyday, especially in the cooler months. To me when I think electric colors, I think of summer. But maybe that is just me. I'm not knocking anyone who does and I am definitely not knocking Urban Decay's Electric palette by any means. I'm sure it's wonderful just like every other palette of theirs that I do own.
   The point of this post is that I realized that I have this exceptional palette from bh Cosmetics that has 120 colors, many which are pretty electric, but also many neutral colors as well. was a fraction of the cost. I believe I paid in the $14.95 area for 120 COLORS! Here are some swatches. 

Swatches from bh Cosmetics 120 color 2nd edition palette 

  As you can see, the colors are pretty pigmented. I have had this palette for about 6 months now and I have found that I can create endless looks with it. But what I absolutely love about the palette is the endless color selections. You have your brights, neons, neutral, and metallics. I have never had any problem with fall out from this product either. The eye shadows are a bit more chalky then say those of Urban Decay shadows which are a bit more packed and creamier. But the staying power of these shadows are great. 
   So in conclusion, will this palette keep me from eventually purchasing Urban Decay's Electric pallete? Probably not because a big part of me feels I just HAVE to have it. But I also feel that if I do eventually get it and try it out, I would probably find many of the same colors and outcomes of the fabolous palette I already own. Thanks for reading and below I have a posted a more 'neon' look I did with the bh Cosmetics 120 Color Palette 2nd edition. 

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